New Gear… Play Anywhere!

Post Lockdown Gigs

After many months of not being allowed to perform due to Covid-19, we are finally gigging once again and it feels great to be back doing what we love.

Our first post lockdown gig was at the Silver Fox in Taverham. The venue did an amazing job at following Covid-19 guidelines without the precautionary measures having a negative impact on social enjoyment. Many people attended the gig and everyone had a great time.

Claire and Paul acoustic duo at the Silver Fox

Claire And Paul At The Silver Fox

Our next public duo gig is on the 5th September at the Wymondham beer festival. We are also playing at the Norfolk Showground with the Claire Barker Band on the 31st August as part of Brickfest. You can find out where we are playing via the duo's gig guide or from our Facebook page.

We Now Have Percussion!

Many of our gigs have previously been geared towards providing background music for weddings, creating atmosphere whilst people dine, providing an elegant accompaniment for commercial events, etc.

Our latest gear purchases are a game changer for our duo as we can now add kick drum, Cajon Bass, Cowbell, Cabasa, Tambourine and other rhythmic elements to provide a much bigger sound. We are now able to play anywhere from the smallest of venue to the largest festival.

We also take advantage of harmony vocals and other effects to produce a sound much bigger than expected from two people, although we still take up little room at your venue.

Busy During Lockdown

Being unable to gig has not stopped us both from being exceptionally busy during lockdown. We have both found  Zoom to be an extremely efficient teaching platform for teaching online. If you are looking for vocal tuition or guitar tuition, more information can be found at:
We have both uploaded many videos to Facebook and YouTube featuring the duo, the Claire Barker Band, solo acoustic guitar, Claire's choir and collaborations with other musicians. The EDP recently featured one of our lockdown videos in the Saturday Sessions;
EDP Saturday Sessions with our duo.

EDP Saturday Sessions Article

Perfect For Your Event

Would you like live music at your wedding or event? We provide music from non-intrusive background ambience to a big sound that will get everybody's feet tapping with the new additions to our gear set up.

We will always adhere to all covid-19 preventative guidelines as your safety is our prime concern. Recent studies have shown that singing is of no greater risk than talking and there are only two of us, so you can be sure to have a quality music act for your wedding or event risk free. We can even perform where there is no available power source if required.

So you can once again experience the magic that only live music can deliver, please feel free to check our availability.

Bye for now and hopefully see you at a gig soon. Stay safe!

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