A Busy Start After Lockdown

Acoustic Duo Gigs For All Times Of The Day

We both love to play in our acoustic duo and we have played some extremely enjoyable gigs over the past two weeks. Entertaining guests at a holiday park one evening, providing background music at a golfing event during the day and helping to give wedding guests an evening to remember. We also played a public gig and made good use of our new percussion element to create a much bigger sound that was not possible before.
Acoustic duo background music

Daytime Music At A Golfing Event

Creating A Big Sound

One problem faced by an acoustic duo consisting of only acoustic guitar and a singer is producing a big sound. We always love to perform in the background creating an elegant atmosphere when playing at a wedding ceremony or whilst people are dining for example, although we have often recommended adding a rhythm section for many evening performances. Until now...

Acoustic Duo With Foot Percussion

Backing tracks are one thing that we have always not included in our setup and we are passionate about keeping everything live, although clever gadgets that enhance what we do are always welcome. Vocal harmony is one area that we have included via clever technical wizardry for quite a while. Foot percussion via more cool gadgetry is now also part of our tool kit.

Who would have thought that adding foot percussion to our acoustic duo would make so much difference!?! Certainly not us. The percussion element was added as an experiment and it has completely transformed our duo, allowing us to play much larger venues. We can now play pretty much anywhere and give the audience exactly what they want, still keeping everything totally live.

Acoustic duo ready to perform

Acoustic Duo Evening Fun

Acoustic Duo For Your Wedding Or Event

Whether you are looking for high quality background music as a backdrop at your wedding, an acoustic duo to play through your ceremony with your own song choices or evening entertainment to fill the room and keep your guests entertained, we can now do it all. The diary is getting pretty full, so don't delay and check our availability.
Bye for now and hopefully see you at a gig very soon!

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