About Claire

Claire Barker

Claire began singing before she could even speak. Her family noticed early on in her life that she could sing along to classical music with an ability to predict where the melody would go. She joined her first choir at the age of 6 and went on to perform with a wide variety of musical acts. She was classically trained in her teens and this training enables her to be able to master a wide range of musical styles from rock to classical.

Claire has over 15 years professional experience at weddings, corporate and party events and is experienced at reading the room and providing the most suitable set lists for each client’s needs.

Whilst the majority of Claire’s experience lays in function and wedding bands over the last 15 years; she loves the versatility of the duo and the musical freedom it brings. The ability to cover every style of music brings it’s own challenges which she relishes. She and Paul together love putting their own spin on the music they do; unique arrangements make The Claire Barker and Paul Hill Duo stand out from the rest.

“Paul is the most incredible guitarist I’ve worked with. His ability to memorise music is amazing and there is nothing musically we won’t try in this duo. He’s a great guy too and our friendship comes across in our performances. I look forward to each gig and seeing where each one takes us on our musical journey!”Claire Barker

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